Ruba Jaljolie

Ruba Jaljolie

Short bio:
I am a last year PhD student at The Technion – Institute of Technology at the Department of Geo-information and Mapping Engineering. I am conducting a research on multi-dimensional land management systems (MLMS) under the supervision of Assistant Prof. Sagi Dalyot and Prof. Yerach Doytsher. My research aims to investigate and develop algorithms, models, and processes for expanding existing 2D land management systems into MLMS (including the dimensions of height, time and Level of details). Theoretical and conceptual aspects are also part of my research, in which I try to scientifically understand the perspective of diverse stakeholders and experts who may use LMS, as well as mapping their requirements and expectations from the LMS in order to fit the technical development for their purposes. In addition, I investigate the ethical dilemmas related to data collection and the integration of VGI in MLMS.

Postdoctoral Research interests:
Multi-Dimensional and Multi-Purpose Land Management systems, 5D Cadastre, Land law and economy, Spatial data and functionalities, Topology Data Structure, Systematic analysis of processes.


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